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Frankovka modrá

Little Carpathians vineyard region


A traditional variety grown in our own vineyards on the southern slopes of the Little Carpathians. The wine has a ruby colour and an aroma of ripe stone fruit with a light cinnamon – vanilla sensation. The taste replicates the aroma with an intense aftertaste of the stones from the stone fruit and is supported by a balanced acidity and strengthened by tannins. This wine is a guarantee of a good choice. It has beneficial effects, it acts as an antioxidant and pleases both the body and the soul.

wine red, dry, quality varietal, selection from grapes
alcohol contain is 12,8 %
acids contain is 5,3
sugar contain is 3,8
serve chilled to temperature 10° – 12° C
ideal wine for venison, beef, cheese
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