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Red Paves

Little Carpathians vineyard region


The flagship of the company. Paves is a unique cuvée from the varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Frankovka Modrá and Neronet, grown on the southern slopes of the Little Carpathians. The wine will charm you with its unrepeatable aroma of berries and fullness which the wine obtained during the ripening process in the barrique barrels. The VPS company has prepared this branded cuvée since 1999. We prepare the cuvée very carefully, only during exceptional years. We try to keep the dominant signs – mellowness, fullness, delicacy and a pleasant colour. Just like during the production of scents, we rely on the head – Cabernet Sauvignon. The base is represented by settled Frankovka and the heart which powers our cuvée is represented by the restrained and reliable Neronet. One third of the new barrique barrels is used for the PAVES production.

wine red, dry, barrique, cuvée
alcohol contain is 13,0 %
serve chilled to temperature 10° – 12° C
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